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Wines of Lebanon
The Oldest Site of Wine Production
Old as The Bible - Josea 14:8 "His fame shall be like the wine of Lebanon"

Wines of Lebanon
The Phoenicians Spread the Lebanese Wine Throughout the
Mediterranean in Ancient Times (5000 BC)

Wines of Lebanon
"Jesus Transferred Water to Wine as His First Miracle
at the Wedding of Cana of South Lebanon"

Wines of Lebanon
Lebanese Wine Have Entered the Modern Age of Producing Wine

Lebanese Wine Distributor in Virginia

American Fidelity Trading, LTD T/A United Beverages is a family owned company, established on March 28, 1986. Our Vision is to to be importer and national distributor of Lebanese wine, spirits, and beer. 

United Beverages focus on building these brands in the US market, driven by business integrity, high performance, and effective marketing. Delivering good services is United Beverages dedication and passion.

As a service-minded company based on three tier business, our company thrive to accomplish a profitable and successful partnership between suppliers, customers, and community. Our commitment to high quality brands, good services, and business integrity, have helped make united Beverages the country's most successful distributor of Lebanese wine and spirits.

"Drink Lebanese Wine and Taste the Difference"

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